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German Language Lessons

Since I fell in love with the German Language this last quarter I’ve been introducing bits to the children. They really enjoy and I feel pretty good about teaching it.

I’m considering purchasing Rosetta Stone for this upcoming school year. They have a version 3 coming out this month. I’m not sure if it will work with our MAC or not. So, that might be a deciding factor. A nice bonus is if you buy the homeschool version you can get on a payment plan.

ABC German worksheets
Enchanted Learning German Pages
Alphabet Garten Books, DVD’s, etc
Alphabet Garten BlogA very helpful dictionary The LEO You can search in English and get the German word. Then if you click on it you can hear a pronounciation in German and the conjugation of verbs.Kids Culture Corner on GermanyTeaching MaterialsThese are some great materials for the older worksheet inclined student.


strange design, writing, Hemingway, Joy sucking

I couldn’t possibly relax in this much less feel like I’m being taken seriously as a professional. I’ll admit I might be tempted to pop it though.


I don’t write much anymore, excepting jots on here and 3-5 pages for grades. I wrote more as a small child when I was fascinated and inspired by Hemingway. I found my copy of The Artist Way…in the bathroom no less which means my sweet man has been spending at least once a day receiving inspiration which has most likely led to the honestly productivity he has been involved in. On my search to see what Julia has been up to.

I’m trying to figure out if it would be procrastination if I spent time trying to decide whether to dive into the complete Artist’s Way or The Writing Diet? I’m 30 pounds overweight and I have been avoiding writing. I hate to admit it (or maybe not) that school has started to suck the joys I found in books and in writing. When I could not make sense of my childhood pains I knew I could find a new world in a book or I could write a story and burn it in the fireplace or rip it into tiny, tiny little pieces.

There are times in my classes when it takes a lot to fight back a primal rage….Why can’t we spend more time on this book if it’s so damn life changing?


Joy sucking is probably the number one reason our boys are not in school. And, it’s something we fight about. Perhaps we are spoiled little brats, the whole lot of us. But, my husband and I usually work pretty darn hard to rearrange our life, put off dreams and desires and then reroute and find all new dreams which include little adults. My two oldest both attended public Kindergarten and half of first grade. By the middle of first grade they were sucked dry.

My first went to Kindergarten even though I thought we would homeschool. It was close, seemed safe and it turned out he enjoyed it and I enjoyed the break. My second wanted to go to school and bless his heart the lucky little soul he got the one Queen of Kindergarten teachers. She who lives in a tiny little speck of a town. She was a gem. She actually hugged children and got down on her knee to insure they knew they were cared for. That is a teacher.


I try to be so kind.  To remember why we homeschool. We don’t make lists or School names.  You won’t hear my children singing their school fight song.  Reasons why we homeschool change every week and often daily.

  • Because we are Christian is always a good one and it seems to fit well with most people unless they like to be little lights.
  • Because we don’t really like anyone else.  Which might be what people thought where we used to live and seemed to lack the ability to keep in contact with anyone.  Although I suspect most people thought we were hiding our extra heads or something even more hideous.  In actuality we belong to a thriving program where people actually do like us and you know what…we like them, too.
  • Boys need to run
  • Aspie’s need breaks
  • Aspie’s need to do most of their work orally
  • High need Border Collies don’t like to be alone all day
  • High need Iguana’s like a midday snack and pat on the head


And for our wedding anniversary my dear sweet husband fixed my bike. The one we paid way too much money for when we were first dating.  The one I hardly ever rode yet felt the need to drag around to the billion homes we have lived in since we were first married 12 years ago.  He gave me street tires, a new seat, new peddles, and a sturdy bike lock.  It has a cute little basket for carrying minimal amounts of groceries and library books.  And, I rode it today.  My first bike ride in a real city.

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weekly’s been awhile..German cartoons, medical advice, veggie sandwiches,


As you may know I’ve started studying German this quarter. I really love it. I wasn’t sure and it’s definitely difficult. I’ve been passing on bits and pieces to my children. We have found a few children’s DVD’s like Muzzy at the library. But, I really want some Sesamßtrasse. So, while I was searching I came upon links to You Tube. We found quite a few bits on there…beware some are just spoofs people have put together and although my children did not understand them I did! Gummy Bear

Medical Advice

My Grandmother gets me Prevention magazine. We read it in the toilet. Sure there might be some interesting tidbits, but it’s really become a chance for me to see how medical care in the U.S., at least, has an overall wrong approach/focus on treating the people who need it. In an article about getting second opinions two parents decide to get a second opinion on surgery for their son with chronic sinus problems. The first surgery had complications (of course) of brain or eye injury. The followed the advice of the second provider and they seemed so relieved that he only needed to have his adnoids removed and has only once needed antibiotics since. Hi, let me ask if you have ever considered removing ALL dairy, even traces, from his diet. It changed my life….and I know I’m not alone.


Yesterday it was sunny. We all craved summer food. So, we made veggies sandwiches with a new bread we found Dave’s Killer Bread . (I’m no longer gluten-free. I know I said I would never, ever eat it again. But, I’m doing much better health wise and I think I know why and thankfully it doesn’t seem to be gluten.) Canned beets, pickles, olives, red leaf lettuce, red onions, red bell pepper, roma tomatoes, expensive avocado, brown mustard, and Vegenaise. I made some pasta salad to go with it. Boil a box or bag of your favorite pasta. I used some pasta that was on sale yesterday. It was like macaroni tubes with little “lines” on them. I’m not a foody, so shoot me. I take my big bowl and slice up red bell pepper, pickles, olives, and onion <—put all these in the bottom of the bowl and add a couple of spoonfuls of Vegenaise, a squirt of brown mustard, a glug or two of vinegar (I used rice, but apple cider is the best), and a drizzle of agave. Pour the pasta on top and mix well. Tastes best the next day! You can add chopped cilantro or your favorite herb if you want. I often have extra cilantro around, so I add it to everything. And, yes my boys ate this stuff. The key I’ve found is to bring confidence to the kitchen and don’t offer white bread or cheese at all. Practice the look your going to give them in the bathroom mirror. Because they might just be a bit cranky the first couple of times you say I didn’t buy any cheese.

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Yiddish, a busy life is a rather interesting project. I’m taking an English class on Modern Jewish Literature. Yiddish comes up quite often (as it should) and it’s rather interesting to see the connection between Yiddish and German. German would be the language I’m studying and enjoying.

I’ve been busy. I’m not gone forever. My plans are to slow down next quarter. So, you will hear from me quite a bit more. I’m half way through my quarter now and it’s finally going better. It tends to go that way for me. I get all worked up and then I start to get in the groove and see that all is going to be well.

The boys are doing well in their classes.

Our first child is two smart for his own good. He has curriculum that he is supposed to follow but for all purposes it doesn’t really matter. He soaks up any information he is around. So, he just keeps plugging away at Math U See. He should be all caught up this summer (He took a break from Math U See when he went to school. It created quite a misshap with Math as they were using some kind of new program that not even the teachers understood totally.)

Our second boy has started guitar lessons and he couldn’t be more delighted. The boy is so very talented. How could he possibly be my little man.

Our third and youngest little man is learning his letters without much help from his parents. He likes to cut letters out or shape odd pieces of materials into shapes and then tell us or ask us what they are. He picked out some worksheets from around the house to create his own weekly folder just so he can have schoolwork, too. As much as we worried about him never being capable of speech, I have to say it’s working out just fine. His speech is improving and I fully expect him to read in the next year or so. In fact, I think he will probably read before he can speak clearly. We took this year off from Speech Therapy to see how he would do. He is doing well enough that we don’t feel he has need for further therapy at this point.

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Busy, German, accomplishments…

So, we have been busy.

I’m enjoying school. I’m very happy I choice German to study. I’m planning on moving to one class per quarter in the spring. I plan on that being German for at least 3 more semesters. Its a lot of homework. Our teacher doesn’t really give a lot of homework, but it is a lot of studying.

I meet my dh mid-morning to exchange the boys and get them to their classes (unless they are already there). Their program is on the same bus line as the one I take to and from school. It works well.

The Prophet is ready to leave behind quite a few classes. While the Peacemaker is hoping to take guitar lessons. All in all they have been doing really well their plans for this quarter. I feel like we are figuring out a way to balance the accountability of their program and unschooling. I much happier being child led. But, we have posted some written plans to keep everyone on track. My boys seem to get bummed when they figure out a few months later they still haven’t accomplished something they wanted to work on. There have been times when we have been really busy that months go by and suddenly a child finds a kit in the closet or some books at the bookstore and remember how much they wanted to do that very thing.

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New Year Food, Periods, School, and legos…

For my New Year gift (if there is such a thing) I got my period. Isn’t that lovely.

I got a new notebook for this upcoming quarter. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with taking three classes. I was really hoping I could get down to one class per quarter. Perhaps we can afford that next quarter. So, here is to hoping for less classes for me this year, yet please let that be one per quarter…not none per quarter =P

All my boys are playing with their Lego’s from Christmas. That includes Daddy.

And, yes the food. We had planned to go to a friends house tonight. But, alas my gift is not something I really want to share. I know I shouldn’t be such a weeny. But, I am. All these years of being at home have made me a total period weenie. I hate going out.

Oh…oooops I was talking about food.

We are having a lovely meal to let in the new year. The kind of mish mash Lewis dinner we all love. It’s like Tapas only Lewis style (snark, spiff, spaff)…

The parents will be enjoying beer (in the gluten-filled and gluten-free varieties).
Pistachios in the shell
gluten-free flatbreads
tortilla chips
black bean dip
pizza (in the gluten-filled and gluten-free varieties…I’m being rather lazy tonight. I bought frozen pizzas. I’ve had no luck with making a crust like Amy’s. I like that cornmeal action going on. So, until I figure that out I’m going to consider myself so lucky to live in a country with frozen pizza I can eat.)

Dessert will be Coconut or Strawberry popsicles, Pistachios in the shell, and dark Chocolate. We bought a giant dark chocolate bar a few weeks back from Trader Joe’s. My 4 year old picked it out and he was so happy. Today we went to the local market and found a 43.00 bar of chocolate. It was rather heavy, but my 4 year old really wanted to bring it home.

I pray your New Year is full of many blessings, surprises, ups and downs (which make all the ups so much better), adventures, new strengths, and much wisdom.


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My Thanksgiving was safe…

well safer. I did my best not to eat gluten anything. I figured I would just give it a try for Thanksgiving. I feel fine today.

My dh’s cousin is cutting into a pie and she says, “this pie is dairy and gluten-free.” My jaw dropped right that moment. Turns out she has been dairy and gluten-free because of how sick she has been. Her doctor’s found nothing wrong with her. So, after some research she gave it a try. She was better until she went back to the doctor and he made her go back on gluten for testing. She had tests on Wednesday and stopped eating gluten and dairy right away.

So, we got to talk all about gluten free and dairy free. We talked about the link to a gfcf for those on the spectrum as well. She knew the prophet had Asperger’s (she works with children) even though no one had shared his diagnosis with her. It was a great talk. And, it was one of those points in life where you wonder if you are going down the right path…and then some one comes along and reaffirms it for you.

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Another migraine

I have a migraine again. I have had one almost every day this past week. Could it be the weather? I broke down and I’m having a cup of coffee. It seems to work better than Advil, aspirin, etc.etc. My blood sugar readings seem just fine. I really can’t tie it in to anything except for the birth of our last son.

I want to vomit. I want to remove my brain and put it in the fridge for a day. Too graphic? It’s how I feel.


Tea, weightloss,

I love tea. Unlike coffee I can drink it all day long. It doesn’t intervere with my sleep patterns. It doesn’t leave my tummy upset and me running to the bathroom. Plus, there are all kinds of flavors and herbs. Since, my love affair with tea has begun I have yet to find the perfect tea pot. But, now I wonder if I have. If a beautiful red one good enough to make it own my wishlist?

I must loose weight. I feel so out of control. I feel blah. I’m hungry all day long. I want to sleep till an hour before noon. I’m considering trying Gluten Free again. I don’t know if I can. According to Prevention to get back to my ideal weight, why I should be consuming 1354 calories per day. What am I going to eat on that budget? I wish I was taller or just a wee bit less lazy. I’m shooting for around 1500 at this point. But, it’s so easy to go over that.

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