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As you may know I’ve started studying German this quarter. I really love it. I wasn’t sure and it’s definitely difficult. I’ve been passing on bits and pieces to my children. We have found a few children’s DVD’s like Muzzy at the library. But, I really want some Sesam├čtrasse. So, while I was searching I came upon links to You Tube. We found quite a few bits on there…beware some are just spoofs people have put together and although my children did not understand them I did! Gummy Bear

Medical Advice

My Grandmother gets me Prevention magazine. We read it in the toilet. Sure there might be some interesting tidbits, but it’s really become a chance for me to see how medical care in the U.S., at least, has an overall wrong approach/focus on treating the people who need it. In an article about getting second opinions two parents decide to get a second opinion on surgery for their son with chronic sinus problems. The first surgery had complications (of course) of brain or eye injury. The followed the advice of the second provider and they seemed so relieved that he only needed to have his adnoids removed and has only once needed antibiotics since. Hi, let me ask if you have ever considered removing ALL dairy, even traces, from his diet. It changed my life….and I know I’m not alone.


Yesterday it was sunny. We all craved summer food. So, we made veggies sandwiches with a new bread we found Dave’s Killer Bread . (I’m no longer gluten-free. I know I said I would never, ever eat it again. But, I’m doing much better health wise and I think I know why and thankfully it doesn’t seem to be gluten.) Canned beets, pickles, olives, red leaf lettuce, red onions, red bell pepper, roma tomatoes, expensive avocado, brown mustard, and Vegenaise. I made some pasta salad to go with it. Boil a box or bag of your favorite pasta. I used some pasta that was on sale yesterday. It was like macaroni tubes with little “lines” on them. I’m not a foody, so shoot me. I take my big bowl and slice up red bell pepper, pickles, olives, and onion <—put all these in the bottom of the bowl and add a couple of spoonfuls of Vegenaise, a squirt of brown mustard, a glug or two of vinegar (I used rice, but apple cider is the best), and a drizzle of agave. Pour the pasta on top and mix well. Tastes best the next day! You can add chopped cilantro or your favorite herb if you want. I often have extra cilantro around, so I add it to everything. And, yes my boys ate this stuff. The key I’ve found is to bring confidence to the kitchen and don’t offer white bread or cheese at all. Practice the look your going to give them in the bathroom mirror. Because they might just be a bit cranky the first couple of times you say I didn’t buy any cheese.

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