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Vegan Kitchen

Here is my Vegan shopping list. Things change so let me know if I should remove anything!

Boca Burgers
Gardenburger Riblets
frozen hashbrown patties, shreds, etc…we love potatoes
I bought some buffalo wings that were saucy and Vegan…I think they are gardenburger. I cannot find an online link though. I’ll check next time I eat some. The directions are wrong though. If you cook them that long they dry out.
Frozen Veggie mixes
Vegan sausage (Gardenburger should be)
Vegan chickpatties (Gardenburger…see above)
Soy or Rice Ice cream
Follow your Heart cheese
Tofutti cheese slices
Whole Soy youghurt
Tofurkey sausages and deli slices
Yves bologna
Smartlife Vegan dogs
Pop can crescent rolls
Tofu (I get one at Trader Joes that is Organic and two packs in 1lb. It’s really convenient)
Earth Balance or Vegan Smart Balance
Pickles and relish and Pepperocinis
Stuffed Olives
pickled veggies/asparagus
cold pressed oils (Olive and Canola from Trader Joes)
sesame oil
Vinegars (Apple Cider and Rice.)
Braggs Liquid Aminos or Tamari
Pesto Concentrate (comes in a tube and if you mix it with Vegan Mayo it makes a fabulous dip or sandwich spread)
Amy’s Refried Black Beans make great bean dip all by themselves
Amy’s Unchicken Noodle soup
Amy’s Goddess dressing
coconut milk (I like Chakoah brand…I could have spelled that wrong.) Great for curries or just add to rice with chopped mango.
Almond Butter, Peanut Butter etc.
Drews dressings.
Annie’s Goddess dressing (this took me quite a few times to like. My tastebuds really had to change. I love it now and they even have it at Costco now.)
Trader Joes Thai Green Curry in a jar (I get some other sauces there, but I don’t know if they are all Vegan. They have a great Indian selection.)
Canned red beans for a quick Indian Curry
Canned chickpeas for hummus or “tuna” salad
Three bean salad (TJ has a really yummy one.)
canned sliced beets for sandwhiches
Spaghetti Sauce
canned tomatoes with green chilis or italian seasonings
boxed Tomato soup
boxed broth (great for quick soups or adding to rice)
Rice of all kinds
Nori (If you keep this and sticky rice around you can make Nori rolls anytime.)
Heinz vegetarian baked beans (we eat these with hashbrown patties for breakfast)
canned chili beans for making chili or taco soup
Thai Kitchen Pad Thai (one of them is Vegan and Gluten-free. Serve with extra peanuts, lime slices, and fresh cilantro. Add some cubed Tofu and/or frozen peas to create a bigger meal)
Milks: I like West-soy unsweetened, Silk unsweetened, Silk with DHA, Enriched Original Rice-Dream, and Almond Breeze (I stock up when on sale.) Don’t forget chocolate Almond Breeze for peanut butter, banana, and flax seed smoothies.
Hemp Milk
I am totally in love with Mac and Chreese with a little ketchup on top. I hate this stuff when I tried it years ago, but I like it now. I think I needed to get over cheese first or something You can get GF, too. Their site sells the sauce in bulk.
dry falafel mix
Tasty bites or other meals in a foil packet.
There are more and more Indian meals or sauces in a jar appearing. I have found many are Veg friendly, so check the labels. If you find a good sauce just add some canned lentils, red beans, greens, potatoes, cauliflower and/or peas to make a great curry.
Ener-G Egg Replacer
Rumford baking powder
Curry powder and Thai Curry paste (Get these from an Asian store!)
Coconut Oil
Gravy packets from or Hain
Sprouted Bread
flour and corn tortillas
English muffins
Sourdough bread
Naan (I usually make my own)
Swedish fish&
Cliff bars, Luna Bars and they make one for kids now
Lara Bars
Vitamineral Greens aren’t snacks but I like to add it to my smoothies
Cracker Jacks
Nutiva Hemp protein powder and/or shakes are great!!
Soy and rice ice creams or sandwiches. There are a lot of different kinds now. If you can’t find anything then talk to your grocery store manager. Soy Delicious is awesome. Trader Joes carries a lemon and coconut sorbet that are to die for.

I try to get in lots of veggies and let the boys try some alien looking fruit once a month. We love Thai young coconuts but you have to find a good Asian Market. They are usually frozen. We eat salad for dinner almost every night and I always keep cut up carrots/celery sticks for snacks.


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