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When I see birches bend to left and right…I like to think some boy's been swinging from them. -Robert Frost

School is like a zoo…

but for children.

This is what my 11 year old son told me today.  He was sitting at the table. I was sitting on the couch with my laptop.  The other boys were outside on the sidewalk.  It runs along the side of the kitchen. They had the kitchen door open.  At very specific times of the day we hear loud children, screeching little girls especially.  It was funny at first.  But, somedays it’s disturbing.  But, it took my sons comment to make me see why.

He told me they make them sit all day and do tricks.  Then they let them out of that box.  Then the children go crazy for a wild.  (For the record this child has attended public school.)

At least they still get recess.

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Busy, German, accomplishments…

So, we have been busy.

I’m enjoying school. I’m very happy I choice German to study. I’m planning on moving to one class per quarter in the spring. I plan on that being German for at least 3 more semesters. Its a lot of homework. Our teacher doesn’t really give a lot of homework, but it is a lot of studying.

I meet my dh mid-morning to exchange the boys and get them to their classes (unless they are already there). Their program is on the same bus line as the one I take to and from school. It works well.

The Prophet is ready to leave behind quite a few classes. While the Peacemaker is hoping to take guitar lessons. All in all they have been doing really well their plans for this quarter. I feel like we are figuring out a way to balance the accountability of their program and unschooling. I much happier being child led. But, we have posted some written plans to keep everyone on track. My boys seem to get bummed when they figure out a few months later they still haven’t accomplished something they wanted to work on. There have been times when we have been really busy that months go by and suddenly a child finds a kit in the closet or some books at the bookstore and remember how much they wanted to do that very thing.

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Worrying about writing…

Just when I was worrying I ventured upon Miranda’s post on writing.  I feel that way, too. I think I’m projecting my worries on whether or not to continue to major in English on my 10 year old son.  Wait I’m projecting on my son, my worries.  My worries are being projected… or maybe that’s projectiled…which is how I feel when thinking about changing my mind.

I’m taking a beginning linguistics class focusing on grammar this upcoming quarter, just in case.  Just in case I want to stop feeling like such a dope when a professor mentions a high and mighty grammatical error.  I diagrammed hundreds of sentences growing up.  I should be able to play silly sentences with my child without telling him to make sure he picks one of those “green words.” (BTW, we have outgrown this game now and we are going to make up our own.  I figure we can print on colored paper or just outline the borders in a color for each part of speech.  And, perhaps I’ll improve my parts of speech knowledge along with them.)

It’s just that I don’t get a lot of comments about my lack of proper grammar.  Either they don’t notice or I’ve dazzled them with my superior abilities to keep the reader holding on for every last….

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