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Snow starts our December

We started our first day of December with snow.  It’s still here today albeit the drizzle of freezing rain is doing it’s best to clear it away.

We went for a walk to the store for hot chocolate.  It started Merry enough, but with three boys and a dog there were a few tears shed and a vicious snowball fight in the middle of the  doorway  of our market.

A realization came about this previous two weeks.  I’m not sure if I shared yet, but I know firmly believe there can be too many worksheets.  Gasp…I mean didn’t you know this about me already.  But, I guess somewhere in my wee little mama mind I really hoped this would be the year my sweet children would wake up with a love of workbooks and worksheets and order.  But, alas  I need to step back.  Curriculum in this house has to have an open ended componaent.

Take Math U See for example.  This works well for us and the boys balk at all other curriculums.  We can work for Mastery with this program.  We do not need to do all six pages of student work.  It doesn’t take an hour to explain the lessons.  It works!

And, I am overwhelmed. We have to do lessons together or I’m going to explode.

So, two steps forward and two steps back.

More Charlotte Mason.

Less Worry.

More together.

More reading.  We have been really lax with reading here.  I miss our snuggly reading and discussions.  Our reading times together have always been so good for our minds and hearts.  They fuel learning in unexpected ways.  So, somehow they have to come back.

We returned almost all of the library books we had and picked up a fresh new stack.  One liberated of lessons or instructions.  Just different topics and new authors…and some old beloved ones too.

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Reading post…ABC’s, geography, Stanley, and Bedtime books

I’m going to lump some of these books all together today or I will never get everything I would like posted. We read a lot. But, my children are just as picky as I am. They know that you can’t read all books. Not all books are beautiful. Not all books are appealing. So, we go through a lot to find the little treasures. Not as defined by me…but as defined by my children. Books that make you laugh, books with beautiful art, and my favorite books that contain words and pictures in just the right rhythm to make you sleepy.

Books that help you learn the ABC’s

Books to help you find your place

Books that help you sleep

Books for lazy afternoons

Books for Brothers

Books for Stanley

My boys love the Stanley books. All three of them have checked them out over time. They are sweet and simple. The art is really beautiful. Sometimes having boys mean the sweet and simple stuff is tooooo boringgggg or girlie. But, these books are perfect.

I really hope you enjoy these books. These are some of favorites this month.



Read Aloud January 19, 2007

My 7 year old had this read aloud in his class. I love this book and I can’t believe we have never read it yet.


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