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I am officially Gluten-Free

on 17 November, 2007

Ok I’m not sure it’s official. There might be some contamination here and there.

But, I’m trying my best. My insane cravings for sugar and bread are gone. I’m back down to a normal caloric intake for my size! I feel wonderful and I really think the migraines I had recently were because I was letting go of the gluten. I’m not sure.

But, I feel so amazing. I’m sure it will be a process, but I feel amazing. We went gluten-free for our sons in the past. But, I still ate it when I was out or at school. I would down a pack of mini-pitas and hummus when I wasn’t home. Ugh.

I’m not puffy.

I’m not insane.

I’m not craving chocolate bars.

You will probably here more in the future about this. But, I had to share.


One response to “I am officially Gluten-Free

  1. Good luck!! It is a journey, but very worthwhile.


    Have a great day.

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