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It’s week 5 sans schedules, white belts, flexibility

on 22 October, 2007

So, I’ve been posting about things I would like to do…but I think it might be wise to share what we really are doing. Last week’s update was the reading post because well, it’s what got done most last week.


Instead of waiting for Monday to read our Year 5 student chose to stay up way too late on Sunday evening to start his reading. (I’m thinking this book is too much for my 7 yos son to digest. And, I can imagine he will think it is too boring. But, my 10 yos needs a bit more to read by himself .) I’m still not sure if the Sonlight IG is worth it. But, the questions might be nice. (Sorry about the grammar, but I can’t recall everything my dh is thinking.)


We still have not made a beautiful Waldorf inspired schedule for our days. I really want to, but realistically I don’t see it happening. Until then my thoughts for the days plan will go on the whiteboard in the kitchen for all to see. That seems to be working. But, then it’s only been a week since I started.

That public program

Somehow this is still going well. The boys are getting their white belts as soon as we get uniforms. I’m crossing my fingers and everyone else’s that we find one at Goodwill tomorrow morning.

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