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The Golden Goblet

on 18 October, 2007

So, The Golden Goblet as suggested by Sonlight was a bomb with my Grade 5 student.  He really did put some effort into it.  We really were able to come up with some well-versed educational conversing…but I’m just not going to pressure him to finish it.  Some books are worth it.  Some books are not.

So far, I’m not impressed with Sonlight .  There is a lot of busy work and running around.  There is a lot of hurrying through the really good stuff.  Anyone want it?  I think it’s going on Ebay soon.  I really want to love Sonlight, but I just don’t.   This is the second time I’ve tried their curriculum.  But, it’s not a good fit.

Still sticking with The Story of the World for History though.  And, I’m so happy I purchased the preprinted student pages.  They really help us keep in line and give a nice landing pad for our History days.


One response to “The Golden Goblet

  1. Beth says:

    We have also really loved the activities guide to STOW. So far the extra book selections from the guide have been excellent (sadly spl seems to only have about 1/2 of them). The crafts have been fun, too and have turned into a whole family crafting event even with dad kicking in.

    Thanks for the Sonlight review, I have always wondered.

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