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Week #3 making it through, Waldorf Math, Geography fun, and getting ready for Autumn

on 5 October, 2007

So here it is, I made it to the third week. Since, it isn’t often I make it through anything this long I thought I would definitely share this bit of advice by the Mental Multivitamin about keeping on track and putting our children’s education to the forefront. When your work outside of the home you can focus on just your work. You don’t need to clean as often because little people aren’t there all day long. You can credit someone else for your children’s accomplishments or failures. It’s easy to be at home and get wrapped up in all the good stuff or awful stuff of everyday life. But, I’ve talked with too many homeschool families who struggle along and often give up (ours included). The public school shakes their heads and says, “I told you so”.

So, choose your method or piece things together from every method you feel drawn to. But, day by day remember your children are here for a short time and they deserve the best education you can give them. They deserve to learn to love the joy of learning for themselves.

Model, practice, teach, learn, and love.


We really love Math U See. My oldest was totally messed up in public school with the whole math thing. It was just horrible. They estimated everything. They allowed everyone to figure it out however they wanted. There was no rule, method, or formula for problems. So, we went back to Math U See when they came home and he told us how happy he was.


The only problem I see with it, is the black and white pages. Although, this is actually a bonus. How could that be? Well, they aren’t distracting. I like that about the program. But, I don’t think we need tacky, enticing pages to draw our children into math (sorry if that offends). Thanks to Annette at Natural Child…What I am thinking is figuring out how to merge Math U See with Waldorf. I’ll see what I come up with this week. I don’t really have a lot of school funds left in the budget. But, I might be able to ILL something if I need it.


For my youngest I’m going to do the cards like Annette did above. The my Grade 2 child can do the lesson pages about what makes 5, 6, 7 etc as he is still memorizing his addition facts. I’m actually taking some time to work on this as I believe any difficulties he has arise from his lack of memorized facts (now big breath).


What about my older child? We put him back in Math U See Beta because all the interruptions from public school confused him terribly. I think I need to work through this some more. I need to be able to present specific problem areas and see how to work through those.

I found this outline for grades 1-3 at A Little Garden Flower. She speaks a bit more about what to do in each grade, well at least her version of Waldorf.


Here is a group of Waldorf inspired homeschoolers who blog.

Housekeeping Issues

I really enjoyed what Aleisha at Leap of Faith had to say about putting your home in order before you plan your year. But, most of all I love the chart she came up with. It’s so beautiful and such a nice family project.

Autumn Crafting

Over at Vintage Chica I found a lovely idea for a felt leaf garland. This is a craft I think I can actually do. One that won’t have me and the sewing machine yelling at each other.


And how about a little statetris? This is super fun. Just see if your kids can beat your time.



4 responses to “Week #3 making it through, Waldorf Math, Geography fun, and getting ready for Autumn

  1. TulipGirl says:

    I am smiling reading about how your school year is shaping up. *grin* We’ve finally got into a good rhythm for this year. (We took an early-fall family vacation so started “late.”)

  2. shangrilewis says:

    My Dad told me that disciplining children is having the ability to change before they realize what your are doing.

    I really see how this applies to homeschooling. I believe families “burn out” because they have this set schedule in mind. But, really they need to be able to move and shift till things are comfortable and then move again when unforeseen changes arise.

    But, I rather enjoy this little journey of moving through the days and getting to that point where your realize your family is doing well and homeschooling has found it’s path…even if it’s only for the next few months.

    I say all this at 11pm on a Sunday evening. When I should be sleeping. When my 10 year old son should be sleeping, but is staying up late to read The Golden Goblet while he snuggles with me on our enormous couch.. When our friends…the homeschooled one and his long time girlfriend/partner special-ed teacher spent the evening with us…watching PBS and enjoying our silly little crazy life.

    How could I be so blessed?

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