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Posts and Blogs I’ve enjoyed this week…

on 14 September, 2007

So, I’m reading the carnival this week and I realize I have more time to jog around and research since I’ve made that whole netvibes realization. More time to visit and post on my favorite mom site. Oh and yes more time to read to my children and convince my library to purchase new books.

Bored of Amusment…has come up with a very clever way to help her son come to the realization that as fun as games can be there is more to life. There are more lastings things in life and more fulfilling things in life then just being amused by your passive playthings. And, that reminds me of the lovely and quite large dictionary I have sitting on my end table shelf. The one my dear Grandmother (who is still alive and in our mid 80’s) made all her dear children look up words in. My sons google everything or use the Oxford English Dictionary (online of course). If you do not know about the Oxford English Dictionary you might want to see if your local library system or a reciprocal system has a subscription in it’s database. Many major city or large county systems will gladly allow you to have a library account with them even if you don’t live in their region.

As for Databases I really like Ebscohost searches for reports. You can search through newsletter and magazine articles and it’s in a picture/graph format, so you can actually visualize the search and all it’s links. In fact, it’s fun just to see it work if you have access. I’m serious it’s fun.

I have to say I sometimes I lust after the lives of those in Colorado. Look at all these great conferences they are having soon.

Shanna asks What are you praising God for today? And while I list those praises I feel sorrow for those mothers near and far who go without the things I take advantage of every day. I know God must love them, too.

And a certain Sweet Southern Lady is having some kind of love/hate relationship with a view things.

I realize my flickr account has expired and as of late most of my pictures come from my cell phone and cell phone picks are inadequate memories. I, also, realize after reading Mollie’s Blog how my children although lacking in the curls are still most definitely cute enough to share. But, I don’t because I lack the freedom that allows that. I’m not sure if I should just get over it. I still love my father. But, I’m not sure how to connect our lives or if I can try again. I’m sorry about that, I really am.


4 responses to “Posts and Blogs I’ve enjoyed this week…

  1. Renae says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the link.

    What a wonderful dictionary tradition to pass on to your children! I don’t have my son look up every word in the massive 1828 but we do spend some time using it. It is very rewarding when you find such great insights from Mr. Webster himself.

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