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A new layout

on 13 September, 2007

I changed the presentation of my page. I think this is better than the 4 column for me. If you look on the upper right you will see some links to other pages. The curriculum page has what we are using this year and the readings lists for the boys. I removed my lists of best feed. In the past and on my previous blogs, I have used lists of bests, librarything, and Amazon. None of the work very well on wordpress. Plus, I’m really tired of spending so much time on the internet everyday. So, I’m using Netvibes to collect all my RSS feeds for message boards, blog, and even my library holds. So, I can easily check netvibes to see updates and then get time to post on here.

Can you believe my library has an RSS feed? I made a tab on netvibes just for the library cards and with one click I can see all the library cards in the house and who has holds to pick up and who has items to return. So, much more efficient than the old way and the boys can have their own cards without worrying about racking up fines.

One response to “A new layout

  1. Jeannette says:

    I really like this layout! The 4column thing was cool, too. This is fun!

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