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Tomorrow is September Curriculum Update for Grade 5…

on 31 August, 2007

I’ve ordered/founded/thrifted a few more things and I wanted to make sure to update on our school curriculum.

Grade 5 for 10 year old Aspie:

Sonlight Year 6 World History IG only $41.00 includes shipping on Ebay. I don’t know how or if I will use it yet. I might just end up reselling it on Ebay. I thought it might be nice to add some more meat if he needs it. His younger brother is doing SOTW, too. Sonlight 6 now includes SOTW 1 and 2. My 10 year old seems to be responding well to instructions and lists, so I thought I would see how this fits in with his needs. I didn’t really save much. But, at least I can drop what I don’t need and get books from the library.

Story of the World Volume 1 paperback reader

Learning Through History Magazine: The Vikings and Medieval Japan $16.24

Story of the World Activity Book and preprinted/punched student pages (these have to be purchase through PHP.

History notebook (already had from a previous year)

Math U See Beta DVD, Teachers Manual, Student Text, Student Tests (already have blocks from a previous year)

Italics Handwriting Book C this is the transition one

Apples Daily Spelling Drills

I’m still wondering about Science. We already have some Apologia books from previous years. He will probably sit in on some of the experiments I’m doing with his younger brothers with Pop Bottle Science

A workbook on Maps/Geography from Modern Curriculum Press 79 cents from the thrift store. I wouldn’t normally buy something like this for him. But, he seems to enjoy workbooks, so I thought I would add it to his books in his room and see what happens.

For some help with social skills and getting to know himself better we are using this workbook. 

For grammar I might order First Language Lessons 3 from Peace Hill Press OR just work on grammar through the suggestions from Ambleside Online here .


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