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Countdown to September with Grade 2…

on 31 August, 2007

We already started some schooling this summer.  I don’t really like the idea of a total break.  Although, it is rather hard when you live in a place that doesn’t have sun year round.  You have to really enjoy the summer.

This year the two oldest boys are going to try a public program for one or two classes a semester.  Hope it goes well.  I’m a little cranky about having to show the teacher our program, but if the boys like it, then it’s worth it.  If they don’t then hopefully there is something else we can do.

Our Grade 2 son will be working on his reading confidence with Phonics Pathways, Explode the Code, and some games like Silly Sentences.

We are starting a new handwriting program for our oldest and it looks so nice I thought they should all use it.

For History he is using Story of the World Volume 1 on CD with the preprinted and punched student pages.

We are using Pop Bottle Science to start off the year.

We will include a lot of DVD’s and books from the library as well as narrations and journaling.


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