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When I see birches bend to left and right…I like to think some boy's been swinging from them. -Robert Frost

Women in Love

on 18 August, 2007

Allright, here is the secret book from which that largish word comes from…ugh that is how I feel when I read this book. But, luckily I did a bit of research to answer a question and I found out someone will die before the end. I’m so excited..I can now go back to reading.

Really so far it seems there is enough sexual connotations to get you to the next string of rather lengthy words OR to the mention of something that would seem to make the characters or perhaps the author appear to be rather learned. Perhaps I will feel differently after reading it with a group of people.

One response to “Women in Love

  1. Amy says:

    LOL! I loved that book! I read it on my own accord.

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