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The simple list

on 26 February, 2007

We (as in husband and I) talked some more today.
We talked about energy assistance and food stamps.
We talked about getting off of food stamps.
We got enough money to pay all our bills and catch up.

My husband has decided to not focus on making money, but focus on his tithe instead.
I’ve never thought about it like that…boy he is creative.

So, I scrounged up a little notebook from around the house and started a simplifying list.

On that list is to get off of foodstamps.
1. To accomplish that I’m going to keep better track of the prices I spend.
I want to see if I can save any money buying in bulk from Azure Standard.
I know it would help us because we wouldn’t be in the grocery store as much.
2. My dh plans to put up the greenhouse this spring, so we can try and start a salsa house. We eat a lot of salsa and if we could grow all the stuff year round we could probably save a bundle, plus it would be tasty. Not sure how well that would work in Washington though.
3. My dh wants chickens for eggs since my mom is not getting more after this last bunch passes away since she is planning to sell her house. Well, their house =)
4. I would like to come up with some outlines of meals we eat each month and a shopping list. Maybe then I would see what we would benefit from buying in bulk first. I can go to Costco with my mom, too. So, that helps because they have more and more good stuff there that I can eat.

This is just part of our loose plan. It’s amazing really. My husband and I are growing so close. It brings tears to my eyes to see it all working.


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