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The Body Ecology Diet

on 11 August, 2006

I wanted to update on this book. It has some interesting points, but I won’t recommend it to anyone. I do think Candiasis and balance in the body is real. But, I think when you have so many obsessive rules about how you eat then you loose the joy of food. I believe that a lot of eating disorders can result because people do not know how to enjoy food anymore. They see everything as a diet or limit for themselves and then they just give up and eat whatever they want.

I have to admit something. I’m really not sure what I believe about the whole food balancing thing and the whole Candiasis thing. But, I am enjoying this book so far and I am really thinking it might be a good choice for me. I have a score of over 300.

Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity
The Body Ecology Diet : Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity

I am reading the 7th edition, but they just put out the 9th edition. I put it on my wishlist, but really it’s so long I cannot imagine getting the book before they come out with the 10th edition.

Today we are off to sell my books back to the bookstore. I hope they take my books back because I have no use for Math books in my house. I know I should, but really I have desire to even look at them.

The boys are watching Arthur and the Author just came on. He hides the names of his kids in the books. How fun is that? Eliza, Tucker and Tolon. Aren’t those cool names, too?

After the bookstore we are meeting Grammy (my mom) and going to the zoo with her and my niece! It’s going to be a full and crazy adventure day. But, it will be fun. Gibran really loves the zoo and he has been begging to go.


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