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When I see birches bend to left and right…I like to think some boy's been swinging from them. -Robert Frost

The Grass Eaters

on 27 July, 2006

I have to vent and my poor husband has heard too much already.

The Grass Eaters

I had to take an online class this quarter to get full credits. I love the book we are using and it’s studying World Literature.

BUT, the people in my class have no compassion or understanding of what it means to be human. They are so tarnished by having everything in America that they are MAKING ME CRAZY.

Comments on this piece were of the following thoughtful remarks….

This is a great comedy…yes this person actually read the piece because he made remarks and quotes from different parts. He really thinks this is a comedic look on living a hard life.

These people are so happy…yes this person read this and thought it was so wonderful that they could now go along in their life being happy for all the things they have because these poor starving people could be happy. They then proceeded to talk about their day of going to the gym and shopping and how they were so thankful for this. How does that compare to being thankful for grass?

One person actually could not figure out why a school teacher could not afford better living situations.

Not one person mention anything about the “maffia” of Landlords or the slavery of children. I’m appalled. I’m embarrassed.

These characters are just numb. Numb from pain, loss, and a world they cannot escape. There is no person that deserves to live like this. UGH.

Now, I am done. I am not too sensitive. The reason we open our eyes to the world around us is not to appreciate everything we have and be happy that we do not have to live like that. It is so we can do something about pain, hurt, and disease.


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