The Land of All Things Lewis

When I see birches bend to left and right…I like to think some boy's been swinging from them. -Robert Frost

end of the quarter…end of the year

on 1 June, 2006

Well, it’s the end of the quarter for me. My photography class is over and I’m sad.
I finally know how to use my camera.
Some of us went out for dinner with our teacher.
We use her first name.
We laugh about the first day.
F-stops and Aperture.

I have two papers due in English.
I’ll probably write at least 10 pages.
I can’t work on them until Saturday though.

Friday I have an in class exam for Archaeology.
I think that last one I wrote at least 7 pages.
I’m insane.
I love it.

I have all my classes for the next two quarters all ready to go.
I will miss photography.

But, I will do more.
I have plans.


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