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Literary Criticism..I think I’m changing my major

on 2 May, 2006

I have a paper due tomorrow. I have to criticize a piece we have read in class. I’m choosing Gryphon, but I can’t decide between Reader-Response or Deconstructionism. The latter just seems so sarcastic.

I’ve realized that I really do love books and reading. But, I realize that it’s mostly the history that I love. It’s the collecting of the facts and putting them all together. I hate picking books apart. I just like to enjoy them. So, I really do think I’m going to major in History now and then Master in Library Science. I’m realizing that I’m not one to deal with trying to gain tenure and all that stuff connected to teaching at a University. It’s a little hard to let go, though.


3 responses to “Literary Criticism..I think I’m changing my major

  1. Amanda says:

    I can relate. I would much rather enjoy a book rather than pick it apart. History sounds like a great major!

  2. Janet says:

    My husband loves history too. :)–>

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