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Mom is going back to school.

on 1 January, 2006

As if I don’t learn enough in an average day…I would like to announce that I will be going back to school. I have really wanted to go back to school for a few years now. But, I had planned on waiting for at least another 5 years. I was hoping to wait till my oldest was capable of more. I guess I was looking for some kind of excuse to make up for the fact that I really haven’t had the guts. The guts to follow my instincts. The guts to not worry about how to take care of everything. So, I’m announcing this year we are going to try. By we…I mean…our family. Our resolution this year is TEAMWORK. We are all planning on working together to accomplish all that we want to accomplish. We are taking advantage of what the world opens up to us.

So, on January 3 we are starting our new year together. Our 8 (soon to be 9) year old son is going to continue homeschooling with a lot more schedule academics then before. Our 5 (soon to be 6) year old son is going to try Kindergarten out this year. Hopefully, at some point our 2 year old son will be able to go to child care at school. This quarter there isn’t any room, but I really think he would have a lot of fun and it would allow a lot more flexibility with my schedule.

Happy New Year to your families!


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