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on 5 December, 2005

We have started taking Thursdays to study Art, Classical Musical and Poetry. We try to have a nice relaxing day and just really dive into our readings and music.

Penny Gardner’s Charlotte Mason Art Appreciation Page
I just had to update on our Art Study. We are going to start using a more Charlotte Mason type of approach. I plan to start with having them look at the picture for a few minutes. Then I will take it away and have them describe it to me. I might just start with the Katie books, since I have them already.

A Child's Book of Art: Great Pictures First Words
A Child’s Book of Art: Great Pictures First Words

This is a great picture book for young children. We’ve had it for quite a few years and all my boys have enjoyed it.


Impressionism at Wikipedia

Katie Meets the Impressionists
Katie Meets the Impressionists

We love the Katie series! A great introduction to Monet, Renoir and Degas.



Katie's Sunday Afternoon
Katie’s Sunday Afternoon

This book is about Pointillism and the artists Seurat, Signac and Pissarro.

3 responses to “Art

  1. TulipGirl says:

    Oooooh! Those look great! We have Katie Meets the Impressionists, but not the others. Have you read Degas and the Little Dancer? That’s one of my boys’ favorites. Even more so because they got to see The Little Dancer. *Grin*

  2. Thanks I’ll have to see if the library has it! I’ve been really wanting to do more Art study and I keep putting it off for the right curriculum. I finally decided I would just start getting books and see what happens. Even if the boys aren’t terribly interested I know that it will be filed away in their heads. So far, they are really enjoying the artwork and Gibran can see the differences in “styles”.

  3. TulipGirl says:

    I really like the art selection available from Veritas Press. (Yes, another homeschool catalog over which mamas drool. . .)

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