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Our Family Education 2005

on 15 October, 2005

We are pretty relaxed with our homeschooling. Our daily requirements are Reading (like we have to require that), Math U See and some kind of handwriting for our 8 yob who is in “grade 3”. Our 5yob is in “K” and he just hangs out and follows along. I do try to work on him with some kind of phonics every day because he wants to fill his head with books like his big brother.

We school year round and take breaks when we need it. We love doing hands on stuff and have really enjoyed doing some KONOS units. A few months back P (5yos) had a break through and realized that Pyramids were in fact real and he needed to know how much of The Mummy was real.

I did not plan on studying Ancient History with the boys until they were much older. At least not in a “Classical Order”. But, the both boys are enjoying it. G (8yos) has asked if we can learn about Greece and Rome next. I made myself order The Story of the World from the library and we have been reading a chapter every day for the past week. G loves it. He loves order and rules.


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